Lisa Ojanen


Lisa & Orsa

Lisa Ojanen joined Chesapeake Search Dogs in 2019 and is concurrently training to become a Flanker and a K9 Handler. Lisa shares her home in Baltimore City with her German Shepherd Dog, Orsa, and various other life forms. Her certifications include NASAR SARTECH II, and she holds an Amateur Radio Technician license. Lisa spends her free time on DIY home projects and enjoys kayaking, riding her motorcycle, and playing in the dirt.

Orsa is a German Shepherd Dog who was accepted into the CSD Puppy Program in 2019. She is training to become an Air Scent K9 with her handler, Lisa. Orsa holds the CGC (Canine Good Citizen), CGCA (Advanced), and CGCU (Urban) Certifications, and some “just for fun” titles. She loves going to work and the challenge of the search. Her joys in life include running the FastCAT, hiking, swimming, and herding the cat.